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C’mon, you know it’s true. ‘Vehicle emissions’ is the polite way of identifying the toxins that spew into our beautiful Pacific Northwest neighborhoods and byways—not to mention our waterways and our lungs.

Vehicle emissions happen whenever we use and/or burn carbon-based fuels: petroleum, coal, gasoline, diesel, and more. According to a multitude of scientists, carbon-based pollutants are impacting our globe in ways they never have before because we’re using them far more than we ever have before in ways we never have before. And there are a lot of us—and tens of thousands more, every day, across the globe.

That’s why several decades ago the visionaries among us in government (don’t laugh—there are a few gems buried in the morass that is Capitol Hill) mandated that we had to start monitoring and reducing the carbon-based environmental insults that cause temperatures to rise, ozone levels to dissolve, oceans to warm and spread, and all the rest. The result: smog stations sprung up, ready to give our vehicles a colonoscopy to make sure that what they’re spitting out their tail pipes are as benign as we can make them.

I will be taking the rest of my cars here for any problems. A+ on communicating with me and completing all work plus throwing in some free extras. In addition an extra shout out for taking my car through emissions testing on a Saturday not only during non-business hours but a holiday weekend as well!!
~Merri Ann M. Corvallis, WA
Here at G&J’s Auto Repair, we “get it.” Corvallis has grown, in not much more than a hundred years, from Here Come the Brides to a major metropolis, with all of the industrial and technical appurtenances, accessories and environmental hazards that accompany such sustained, massive growth. Yes, Corvallis is still beautiful. Yes, it’s still majestic and magnificent. But it needs our help—yours and ours—to keep it as healthy as we can. Vehicle emissions testing is one of the primary ways we help ensure that.

So when your next smog test comes due, think of us. When it comes to vehicle emissions testing, here at G&J’s we know that it’s all about the Corvallis our kids will inherit. (541) 752-3445


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